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It is not tough task to hide or unhide disk partition in windows 8/7/vista/Xp ,there are many ways to do that even software are there to do that. But now we are going to see the easiest way to hide or unhide disk partition in just 8 steps. It s helpful to protect your personal files from others persons as well as from our kids who may access that or delete that accidently. So in order to avoid you can use this simple methods.

Step 1: Open CMD


Step 2: Type Diskpart on CMD and click Enter


Step 3: Then a new Diskpart window will be open and type list volume on it and click Enter.


Step 4: I have 4 drives in my harddisk and i want to hide drive R which is shown below:


Step 5: Type “select volume r” or “select volume 2” on CMD bcoz you can see 2 is the serieal no R .


Step 6: Now type Remove letter r and click Enter and you can see R drive is hide from your harddisk.


Steps for unhide the driver…..

Step 1: Follow step 1,2,3….. and then type Select volume 2 and click Enter.


Step 2: Type “assign letter r” . You can take any of the latter except from your all drives letter. And click Enter then you will see your hide drive will be visible.


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